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Adam was a sense ruled man but Jesus was a Spirit filled man.

While Adam was never baptized in the Holy Ghost, Jesus had the Holy Ghost without measure, becoming the authorized baptizer himself.

Adam was a spirit made man without the Holy Ghost baptism, which explains why without being born again, we cannot receive the Holy Ghost ourselves, because Jesus our second Adam is the baptizer, and until he has a place in our life, we cannot be entitled to the Holy Ghost, and without the Holy Ghost we are made slaves to sin like the first Adam.

Consequently, the fall of man became an act to take man from the milk level into the meat level of God’s word, where his senses could be subjected to the revelations of the knowledge of God. Hebrews 5:14

We can therefore say that man’s capacity to feed on the meat of the word resulted in him being empowered over and above his weaknesses.