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As much as working for someone can’t totally be describe as being bad, there is a big deal in having and growing your own business. IF you’re working for others you should know you can’t be there forever. However, it is needful to understand certain factors that might be responsible for choosing not to work for yourself.


  1. Bill Payment

Bills often times create a scare in people. By the time you begin to consider your regular bills you start getting discourage over the need to be on your own especially where other employer comforts come to play.


  1. Failure

Every employer at some point would suffer failure and losses before arriving at their breakeven point. Avoiding or thinking failure before attempting something has never and will never make you own a business talk less of growing one.


  1. Funds

As much as funding is require to run a business many have still gone ahead sourcing funds through the various mediums discussed in earlier chapter of this book.


  1. Take-Off Syndrome

The fear of merely starting something new with the corresponding demands that comes with it can sometimes be stressful and unbearable which is why many would prefer to seek employment opportunities.


  1. Success Timing

For the fact that every new business would take time to reach breakeven point can be overwhelming for some. The tendency to give-up increases at every stage of growing the business. The demand for success may sometimes transcend our control yet it must be achieved. A thought of this is enough to put off a desire for financial freedom.

Ultimately, your desire to cross from financial security into financial freedom have to do with how best you truly are willing to surrender to the mentioned demands of financial freedom.

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