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To become financially free calls for the need to create a product that solves problems. Attaching a need to a product naturally promotes sales instantaneously.

Every sellable product like water will always find its own level within the market consistently which calls for the need to be able to learn how to design it.

In learning to design your product always put your customers into consideration when creating a product. Your capacity to visualize what your customers want in your kind of product will ultimately be their reason for buying. Your ability to drive your staff and others towards little details and instructions will help to prevent deviations from your original product functionality.

Giving room for suggestions, innovation and creativity among team members must be followed with strong conviction before making decision. Getting involved at each stage of the product with each team member will help in making every choice and decision centre around the product.

The timing of the product must be determined strictly by the amount of time to get it right with the original vision that necessitated its creation in the first place. Good products don’t enter the market in a HURRY!

Bonding effect among team members helps each member to ultimately rely on each other thereby creating and discharging the right momentum towards the product. Making enthusiastic product will both ignite and sustain customer’s interest on the product thereby giving it market superiority over competitors. Every product must come with its own ideology into the market; however, this ideology must be discovered in the cause of incubating the vision through a sense of originality and uniqueness.

The product manufacturer’s vision of the future must correspond with authentic goals that will both support and drive the vision per-time after being simplified with images and facts that would enhance motivation for the product. Similarly, aligning the product vision with its implementation strategy is of great importance as the vision represents the context and the alignment helping to promote the product.

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