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Unknown to employees every pay increase is designed to ward off any desire for financial freedom. An approach to keep employees, a strategy I call sucking and blowing, enjoying something through ulterior motives. I have seen people being on a job all their life, yet at the point of being released become less able to stand or do something by themselves. No matter how good the salary may be, your children will never inherit it.


If you have ever come across an addict you will agree with me that they are the most vulnerable people. Pay check is that way of making employees become more and more dependent on their employers for a living. Job addiction which will not last forever has prevented multitude from fully discovering themselves, sometimes, leading to emotional and mental breakdown or even stress. However, while all these takes place employers income and profit continue to rise.


Pay check affect financial mindset necessary to propagate financial intelligence. Give someone a fish and he will be back to ask for more, teach him to catch one and you see him no more. Pay check causes people to wake up every morning to serve others as well as resume at a job they could own themselves if only they have the required financial intelligence. As a matter of fact every employer seeks to benefit from every financial intelligence their staff may possess per time by allocating responsibilities that suck away such to their benefit.


Every beneficial increment from pay check will always attract higher taxes. The taxes employers pay is always a summation of deductions from employee wages which the employees keep paying for them.

This is why the government and the employers work hand in hand, encouraging citizens to go to school, graduate and get a job, a slogan that has increase poverty among the citizenry.


Through paycheck or salary you end up making your employers richer by consciously submitting your knowledge, talents, gifts, skills and ideas for the growth and profit of their organization that holds no future for you and your family.


Ultimately paycheck makes you play safe and accept financial security over financial freedom through fear. Your anger and love should be translated into a driven passion necessary to support your conviction towards financial independency.

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