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People’s definition of knowledge will be expressed based on a number of factors that range from experiences, beliefs, customs, tradition and faith.

Knowledge by scripture is the revelation of the truth launched by the Holy Spirit through the grace of God.

Thereafter, Jesus confessed to Peter saying , ” Flesh and blood hath not reveal it unto thee but my father which is in heaven.” Matt 16:17, Prov 2:6

This clearly justifies that the knowledge of the truth is only obtainable through God by his grace. Knowledge is simply the proof of the existence of the living God, time can’t cange it neither can anything stop its effect. Knowledge is simply the language of God that takes grace to acquire and understand.

“For the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.” 1 Sam 2:3

Hannah’s case was settled through her encounter with God’s knowledge . The knowledge of God delivered her from shame and birthed conviction in her heart for conquest. Infact, she refused to solicit for help from the prophet, Eli, but went to God on a direct frequency and came back with a conviction that her prayer had been answered. This knowledge of God over her case was all she needed to settle her case and completely destroy her barreness. Friends, if you don’t join Hannah to settle your barreness, you may wait forever. Hannah’s testimony was very brief, “for I have poured my soul before the Lord.” 1 Sam 1:15

Her actions were based on her knowledge of the God of knowledge. The value you place on the knowledge of God will determine response to you. What you give is what you get. The anointing you don’t respect will work against you. While the one you don’t value will disvalue you.

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